Good Day, My Newest Member,


My name is Cal Warren Akers, your Sponsor and Team Leader with SFI.


Please, feel free to call me Cal!


As your Sponsor and Team Leader, it's my job to help you in every way possible.. As one of my Team members, it's your job to do whatever you can to succeed .. which includes logging on regularly and building up your business through advertising and promoting it, while keeping in mind that as long as you stay within the SFI Affiliate Agreement, you are free to run your business any way you please.


Right now, you probably feel just as lost and/or overwhelmed as I felt when I first joined SFI (Strong Future International) over 12-years ago (March, 2009). Understandable, especially when you consider the amount of information you've found at the Main Site. There sure is a lot of it!


But, worry not my Friend, because it's much easier now than you think!


What you MUST do is Learn to Earn .. You learn through your Launchpad, just as I did when I first started out as an SFI Affiliate. Something else I learned (even before joining SFI) was that no matter what the business you're in, you should have a plan to succeed.  Fortunately for you, SFI has put in place the only plan you need to ensure your success. Click here now!


Don't be in such a hurry .. You'll only confuse yourself and slow down your SUCCESS!


This program is easy and simple .. Just follow the plan – one step at a time!  Here, 

see for yourself .. SFI explains it in easy to understand detail.

Here's what I'd like you to do for the first 30-days:


1. Logon to the Main Site


2. Read your “Level Up!” page, and when you're ready, Boost your earning power by first understanding what every business level represents for you.


3. At the bottom of the “Level Up!” page, click on “Blue Button” to read the announcement from the President and CEO, Mr. Gery Carson. The link will take you to his Forum post. Here, Mr. Carson explains the different Affiliate Levels in great detail. And you get the opportunity to respond or post a question of your own.


4. After reading the announcement, at the top of the Forum page, run your cursor over the “House Icon” and in the drop box click on “News”


5. Click on “Enter Affiliate Center.”


6. As you notice, this takes you back to the “Level Up!” page, only this time, I want you to click on each of the 6-Red Box at the top of the page, beginning with News. At the bottom, to indicate you've reviewed the page, click on the box that says “Continue” and to get credit for viewing the pages, answer the question asked. You'll see 4-answers to the question. If you don't know the answer, this is how you begin to increase your knowledge. Find the answer yourself! It can be a great deal of fun, believe me – You'll begin to learn more than you thought was ever possible!


7. Remember, when you click on the “Red Box” that says “SFI University” you'll find additional information that you can use to build your business. For instance, there's the “Tip of the Day”, “Quote of the Day”, and “Did you Know”. Of course, before you get to the latter two, you'll see the “Biz Quiz” question. Click on the green box that says “Take Today's Biz Quiz.” If you answer it right, you'll have a chance to win 50 Rewardical Tokens (RT) that can be renewed for a variety of business builders.


You have 3-chances to answer the Biz Quiz question correctly!


In closing, this is where your knowledge begins to grown. From these 7-suggestions, you'll begin your journey towards a better understanding of how the SFI Affiliate Marketing Program actually works. Don't let the wealth of information confuse you. Just follow directions and read your Launchpad lessons. Before you know it, your on your way to becoming a successful, SFI Marketing Group Affiliate!




Cal Warren Akers

Sponsor/Co-Sponsor and

SFI Team Leader - Level Builder 13 (Gold)